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This page features FSF and PB. These are wireless ad hoc network applications developed with JANE, a Java middleware that allows the network researchers to test the applications in a simulated environment before being deployed in a real ad hoc network.

Both applications are ready to run on laptops and PDAs with WiFi equipment. The system requeriments are the following:



Below you will find the links containing the files necessary to execute these applications in your own mobile device. Each application is a jar file. If you use a laptop, you will be able to start the applications by making double-click on the jar file or by launching the following command from the shell:

C:\Directory> java -jar file.jar

If you use a PDA, you will be able to start the applications by making double-click on the .platform file (attached below) or by lunching the following command from the shell:

\Directory> java -jar file.jar -PocketPC

Furthermore, each application needs a dynamic link library (dll) to run the graphical user interface. This file is also provided below and must be placed in the same directory as the jar file in order to start the applications.

FSF (Finding and Sharing Files)

FSF is an application for sharing files in mobile ad-hoc networks like VANETs. Each user has a dedicated folder where placing the files to be shared. Then, FSF allows the users to search and download the files from the shared folders of the reachable network.

The following video shows an example of how to use FSF.

Download FSF for Laptops

Download FSF for PDAs

PB (Ad-hoc Puzzle-Bubble)

Puzzle-Bubble is an example of entertainment application which can be part of the services offered by the CARLINK Platform. Puzzle-Bubble is a version of the original game, called Puzzle-Bobble, especially designed for VANETs. The video below shows an example of the game.

Download PB for Laptops

Download PB for PDAs

The goal of this game is to remove all the bubbles in the screen. There are bubbles with different colours. Bubbles may be deleted by placing three or more adjacent ones with the same colour. The user is able to shoot bubbles by using a directional cannon in the bottom of the screen. The colour of the incoming bubble is randomly chosen by Puzzle-Bubble. When the user removes some bubbles they are sent to the other players and vice versa. Those players who first empty their screens wins. There is also a line in the middle part that is delimiting the maximum number of bubbles that can be accumulated during the same game.

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